Samstag, 1. November 2008

The 2nd International NanoArt Festival Stuttgart

Exhibition Oppenning


DracoKall hat gesagt…

Hey guys, I read an article at Vale do Paraibano Magazine (in Brazil) about nanoart and I was wondering:

"If NanoArt ain't so popular yet, why do not publish it where people who like art can apreciate these jobs and make it more popular?"

After this reflection time I got an idea, why don't you, who made these jobs, publish it on

It's an awesome site where people from anywhere can publish his works for anyone who wanna apreciate it

I think it is a good way to spread the word about NanoArt

I hope you get the idea and talk with the others nanoartists about it

See ya

Wellington Ferreira, NanoArt Fan

Aitor Menendez hat gesagt…
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Aitor Menendez hat gesagt…

Ich finde, dieser Artikel interessant, bitte teilen Weitere Informationen wie diese, Stuttgart vs Kaiserslautern Online